Company Profile

Advance Hardware is the largest decorative hardware manufacturer and exporter in China, specializing in furniture handles & fittings, door levers & bathroom accessories.

Advance was established in 1993, and started its own production in Zhejiang Province in 2003. The number of employees is over 2,500. One stop processing and consistent standard control ensure the sustainable perfect ADVANCE quality. With more than 3,000 different products, Advance is able to offer over 10,000 possible combinations of colour and shape.


Our new factory, Advance Teso, was put into production in September, 2015. Covering an area of 70,000 square meters, it enlarges our product range to all sorts of zinc and aluminium die-casting handles & fittings,  door levers and bathroom accessories. 

In-house Production
All processes, including electric plating, are made in house
Technique & Equipment Innovation
Automatic feeding system, die-casting robot arms, convey system & automatic polishing machines
Energy Saving & Environmental Protecting
Air source technique, heat exchange system, solar energy and sewage recycle system(up to 80%)
Electric Plating Industrial Zone
The new factory is located in an electric plating industrial zone
We have support from the government in plating capacity, sewage treatment and so on
Production Capacity
Additional 500,000 pcs increase each day

Welcome to ADVANCE! Let’s create success and glory together!